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Capitalism, racism, the heteronorm and the hatred of queers want to guide, control and destroy our lives. Yet we’re many movements, communities, collectives, masses and groups who put up resistance, and we know that another world is possible and nesessary. “We are family”, says Stockholm Pride. “We wanna be more than a family!” shouts Anarchopride. Queer struggle has to be done together with other struggles and we must become each other’s allies. We who don’t fit in, neither in Stockholm Pride’s family, nor in society’s; we without money; we without papers; we with fear of the state’s institutions.

Our queer struggle shall not be fought at other’s expenses. Anarchopride strives for collective massmobilization against the capitaslist and individualist norm-society. We are and we create an alternative to Stockholm Pride: a community of solidarity doesn’t cost and is not filled with sponsor’s pink-washing campaigns. We wanna own less and do more; we wanna create oppurtunities for political fight; we wanna obtain complete gender anarchy and crush all borders.
During the festival Anarchopride 2013 there will be queerfeminism, anarchism, and collectivism. There’ll be discussions, party, protest, cozyness, and rad go-go! FOR FREE.

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Tuesday 30.7: Opening party in the evening!
Wednesday 31.7: Talks and workshops during the day!
Thursday 1.8: Buss-tour with RättBuss//Kulturföreningen Bussfolket during the day:
Band playing in the evening!
Friday 2.8: Talks and workshops during the day!

Where? Venue ‘Ung utan Pung’, metro Rågsved (follow the pink duct tape)
When? 30/7 – 2/8

Check out the blogg or facebook for more info and updates:

* Find your way here! The festival will take place in the theatre Ung utan pung in Rågsved, the adress is Garphyttegränd 2 124 67 Bandhagen. Follow the pink duct tape!
* The venue has two floors and there are stairs and elevator to the second floor.
* There are toilets with narrow doors on the ground floor and toilets with broader entrance on the second floor wich are wheelchair-accessible. There’s an elevator to the second floor. To use the elevator you need a keycard wich you will get from someone at the entrance.
* There will be cheap yummy vegan food.
* Take care of each other, listen to each other, respect each other and take responsibility for your privileges. And have fun.
* Most of the workshops will be in Swedish. When someone needs translation from swedish to another language, we try to solve it togheter.
* No entrance fee, the festivale is free!

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We start the festival off with a bang!

FANTASTIC FOUR different dj’s and the amazing RRRIOT SAMBA will make you dance as never before!


Dancehall, afrobeat and hiphop. The dancefloor will be filled with happniess, rawness and energy, hard base, and afrocaribbean rhytms.

Fun, dancey music that eagers everyone to expriment with their body and expressions – both clothes and dance moves. . Shake it ‘til you break it!

Two out of three DJ’s from the Caliente-crew who been giving Stockholm’s dykes hiphop, rnb, dancehall and reggaeton since 2006. This night it’ll be all of that and more to make your booties shake.

Dance euphoria with techno and vibrating base lines.

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► Where: Venue ‘Ung utan Pung’, metro Rågsved, follow the pink duct tape

► entrance: free or by ability

► cash is queen!
the nearest cash machine in the evening is in Högdalen, or before 10PM at Ica Rågsved

► No papers? No problem! ◄

(► You have to be 18 to get in, cause the venue demands it when we sell alcohol. But the thursday’s band show will be all ages!)

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12-12.30 ANARCHOPRIDE – presentation and info
12.30-14.30 DIRTY COMICS – workshop (swe) COP FREE UTOPIA (swe)
15-16 The situation for LGBT-people in Zimbabwe (eng) BIKE WORKSHOP – (swe/eng) bring your bike and learn how to fix it!
16.15-17.45 ELECTRIC TOOLS – WORKSHOP (swe)
18-19.30 Whats the point of revolution if we cant dance? (eng) SEXWORKSHOP(swe/eng)
19.30-20-00 DINNER DINNER
20-22.30 KARAOKE!
* with the stars from Högdalen Karaoke

The festival opens!
Av: Anarchopride
Anarchopride presents the festival and this years theme ”We are many – and less money” and tells about the Anarchopride group. This is also where you get practical information about the festival and the program: food, schedual, toilett, elevator, safety. You will also find this information written on papers by the entrance.
Av: Queer Killjoy
We are many who don’t like the cops, the legal system or incarceration. But what to do when one meet a group of nazis on the street? If one gets queerbashed? What kind of alternatives to incarceration can we imagine? (What do we, for example do with persons who rape or in other ways physically abuses others?) Come and talk about strategies and alternatives and about how we can organize other forms of protection for ourselves (without becoming our own cops)
The situation for LGBT-people in Zimbabwe
Av: An LGBT rights activist, feminist, journalist and pacifist from Zimbabwe .
The situation of LGBT people in Zimbabwe and the militarisation of the state and the effect on queer people. Also a video screening which is collection of narrative of LGBT people speaking out aganist violations.

Whats the point of revolution if we cant dance
Av: Lgbt-activist from Zombabwe, Psykradikala gruppen Stockholm, Aktivist support gruppen
This discussion is about wellness and wellbeing, how do we as activists take care of ourselves, replenish energies so that we live to see another day in order to continue the struggle.
Exercises to put into words what you want and wish, to ask this  and to say no to what you don’t want, and yes! to a want. Straight communication about sex.
► ►  DINNER◄ ◄
► ►  KAREOKE ◄ ◄

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Hop on this guided bus tour and learn all you need to know about Stockholm, from south to north!

We stop and talk at sites of oppression and resistance. A bus tour where we togheter learn about different struggles and encourage to fight back!

Participating groups that guid us through the city:
Anarchopride, Megafonen norra Botkyrka, Rättbuss//Kulturföreningen Bussfolket, Ofog Stockholm, Action against deportation Sthlm, and open mic so everyone on the bus can give anecdotes about the places we pass.

There are 50 seats on the bus so be there in time get one, you dont wanna miss this! We leave at 12.00 sharp from Ung utan pung (Rågsved).

The tour will be held in both swedish and english.

♥ Rätt Buss will sell cheap snack-food on the buss ♥

RättBuss will be at Ung utan Pung from 10.30, ready for styling. You are very welcome to help pimp the bus in cutting-edge fashion of banners, pink & black!

Some stops:

12.00- Start at Ung utan pung in Rågsved.
12.30 – Visit Alby with Megafonen Norra Botkyrka.
14.00 – – Solidarity demo outside the detention center in Märsta: Bring pots and pans to make noise, we will make placards on the buss.
15.30 – Go through the city and look/visit places that need to be marked!
17.00 – Back in Rågsved

♥ free of charge, but those who can – make a contribution for petrol and other things that busses needs!


Cover Photo

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Anarchopride are proud to present five amazing acts!

♥ First band will start around 18.00


♫ flordelotus te invita a viajar ♫ Unpretentious poetry and trips.

► ► PARKIZ ◄ ◄

► ► FLOCKEN ◄ ◄
The queer, creative, activist network Flocken’s punk band!

► ► REB KEAN ◄ ◄

Solanas Cuntz is a anarchopfeminist Riot Grrrl band with musical influences from punk, metal, crust/hardcore and grunge. We are tired of always seeing white, cis-men on stage, we are tired of being disrespected, we are tired of being nice and to apologize. Vi show no mercy. We don’t compromise. We want to crush a patriarchal, racist, hetero-sexist crap system, and we want to dance, fight and roar along with our sisters

▽ Where: Venue ‘Ung utan Pung’, metro Rågsved, follow the pink duct tape

▽ entrance: free or pay-what-you-can

▽ cash is queen!
the nearest cash machine is in Högdalen, or before 10pm at Ica Rågsved

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               Scenrummet             Spegelsalen           Utomhus

12-12.30 QUEER AND CLASS (swe/eng)

THE SOCIALBOARD – infor for participators in the ockupation march 2012

12.30-14.00 LEFTIE LAWYERS – info queer and class
15-16 ASYLSTAFETTen SQUATTING – talk and film
Asylstafetten (till ca 16.30) SVAR PÅ TAL  – workshop (swe)
17-17.45  Piercing-workshop SVAR PÅ TAL… BIKE WORKSHOP – FIX YOUR OWN BIKE
17.45→ SVAR PÅ TAL… bike workshop…
19.30 DINNER


Queer och class 
Av: Queer Killjoy
Queer should be a fuck you to normality, which also schould include the middle-class norm. But still queer spaces can feel so narrow, middle-class, with teorethical language, expensive outfits, ”good taste” and successful people with exiting life projects. But how is it to have other experiences and not live up to the middle-class norms in queer spaces? This workshop is especially for you with another background than middle class.* It is adressed to those who have felt exkluded or wrong in these spaces. We want to talk about what the middle-class norm does with us and our spaces. About experience, shame, pride, scares, guilt and struggle. How can one start to talk about ones experiences and let them count, without being exotified or romanticized by others? How can we have an anarchist queer struggle wich is also critical of middle-class standards?
We think that class is many things: maybe it’s about to not have had a financial security where one have known that everything will be alright because one can always get financial help from home. Perhaps is it about not having a language from home which gives a upper-hand in different discussions and e.g makes it easier to study in university (and for whom is it natural to study in the university?). Perhaps is it about not been living in the ”right” area, been going to the ”right” schools or got the ”right” contacts.
Talk about the social board
Av: Anarchopride
Did you take part in the occupation of the social board in Stockholm that Anarchopride took initiativ to in 2012? Do you, now, afterwards want to talk about the action or do you have any thoughts or questions about potential legal consequenses? Anarchopride invites persons that took part of the action to talk about what’s happened/is happening now after the action, and how we toghether can deal with possible consequenses.

Come and share your experience, thoughts and dreams about squatting. This is also a chance to talk about how to squat in Stockholm and Sweden.
*Squatting means that you occupy an abandond/unoccupied building, usually residential.

Welcome to a DIY-piercing workshop! We will talk about how to pierce, good things to think about and care instructions. Come with questions, knowledge to share and maybe the wish to start piercing.
We will dance together again when our friends QueerplatsStockholm host an after-party! 


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Festival program 2012

We will try to have an English interpreter on every  talk/workshop


Kafé 44, Tjärhovsgatan 44. Subway: Medborgarplatsen. 8pm-01 am inauguration party for  AnarchoPride 2012

Listen up! Now it’s time to dance and twist like you’ve never danced or twisted before

– FREE entrance (or donation)
– CHEAP food and beverages
– NICE hang out
– SWEATY dancing

Time table:
8pm – Doors open, come in time: the café is small!
9pm- Inaugaration speech

During the evening these lovely DJ:s will make your night go crazy
DJ AZAR (Hip Hop/Dancehall/House)
DJ ANAHITA (R’N’B/Hip Hop/Electro) 
DJ SPARKLY PONY (Techno/Electro/Queertech) 
DJ GUSTAVO (Chicago House/House)


Kafé 44 12PM to 9PM

Psychradicals from Gothenburg and Stockholm:
PSYCH radicalism & activism (swedish)

12.30pm to 2.00pm
We dare to be radical in so many ways as activists. We break barriers and create debates about power, gender, class, animals, weapons, ownership and operation. But somewhere along the way we forget mental function. How can we be radical without psychiatric radicalism? What do psychradicals want, and what do they do? Why psychradicalism in the activist community? In a discussion of psychradicalism and what it is and can be, we try to create a new psychradicalism for every activist. Anything is possible it’s only you who set the limits! Anarchism and queer2.15pm to 3.15pm

Workshop: Queer utopian defense
ACT KUPP!, are going to use forum theatre to express different methods, D.I.Y- och D.I.T-strategies (do it yourself and do it together) create spaces to cope with an judging environment
We’ll find fighting will and inspiration from Svar på tal, Queer Nations Queer Manifesto, Bash Back, Gay Shame, Glamdalism, Anarchist ABC mm.
*How does the normative society affect us?
*What can we do to defend ourselves from destructive norms, ideals against
queers, pervs, benders and hobbits?
*How does one go beyond the language in mix between reality and fantasy
and create a real utopia?
Everything is possible, it’s only you who set your own boundaries!

Talk: Legal rights
We talk about laws that the cops use, your legal rights and what can be
good to think about when dealing with cops.
Here you find things to keep in mind when dealing with the Swedish
authorities, also for non-Swedish citizens:


Kafé 44 12PM to 9PM

Queers against Pinkwashing: We’re breaking up with pink washing and

12PM to 2PM
Right-extremist organization English Defence League gathers anti-Islamists for a
demonstration in Stockholm on August 4th, while the Pride Parade is on. It is a strategy they use to produce Islamophobia as LGBT-friendly and democratic in order to position itself as opposed to a group they see as their enemy. Queers Against Pinkwashing says: We refuse to be a racist alibi. We talk about EDL’s pinkwashing, why Judith Butler refused to accept a civil courage prize, what Angela Davis says about pinkwashing and why we all have a responsibility to stop the EDL on Saturday. The Researchgroup will also come and talk about Counter Jihad Movement.

Antifascism in the 90’s2.15PM to 3.15PM
Salka Sanden come and talk about their experiences as active in various
radical left political environments in the 90s and the strategies for
antifascist work that was used then. Salka has written the book
“Deltagänget”, which is about life among the anarchists who started AntiFa in Sweden and the struggle against nazists and the police.

Pause in the program, for example you have opportunity to talk about the talks you have just participated in and prepare yourself for Saturday’s STOP EDL-demonstration.

Workshop: Intersectional People of Colour (IPOC) ENGLISH
IPOC arranges a talk and workshop on racism
and whiteness. How do we struggle against white excluding rooms? What kind
of opression do racialized LGBTQ-people face? And what does it lead to? We
share our experiences and discuss different strategies to use against
racist structures. Open for everyone

DIT slogan workshop before STOP EDL
August 4th, the nazi organization EDL will demonstrate along with other nazi groups at the same time as the Pride Parade. EDL say that they want to secure LGBT-people from the and therefore they exploit our experiences and existences as queers to argue in a islamophobic way. We are going to stop this on Saturday with our own demonstration. We will together prepare ourselves to write down paroles and slogans. Eventually there will be a solidarity meeting where you can find friends to build an affinity group with so you can feel safe during the demo.


Kafé 44 12PM-7PM

Tear down the walls: Inside and outside walls and boundaries
What are the invisible and visible borders and barriers in society? What do they create for various terms and conditions of our lives? How can we lift debate on prisons and borders function in society – and to show alternatives? How can the struggle which is ongoing in institutions, detention and psychiatric clinics be spread and facilitated the outside? How can we organize ourselves across borders and walls?

Workshop: Response to Speech
As a rule breaker in different ways, we are super tired of getting tough questions and prejudiced assumptions thrown in your face all the time. Do you recognize yourself? What are the best answers to disarm, disclose, or completely easily come to terms with the questions? RESPONSE TO SPEECH is a workshop in self-defense where we work together to create the best answers and build strategies tonever be offended.Jojo Stenberg & Zafire Vrba are artists and educators with years ofexperience in youth activities, workshops and trans feminist
activism. Disposition: welcome, intro, brainstorm,finishing round

No one is illegal LGBTQ-group from Göteborg and Newcomer from RFSL Sthlm 5PM-7PM

LGBTQ group is part of the network No one is illegal (No one is illegal) which works with the visibility of LGBTQ-identified people’s migration situation and experience. They are also working to provide practical support LGBT people without paper. Newcomer is RFSL Stockholm is a meeting place and a network for people who have fled persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. One can turn to the network if one is an asylum seeker, if one lives in hiding, if granted asylum or if one moved here by extension or for other reasons. They are also useful for supporting LGBT-people.

The two groups will talk about their work and organization.


In the city

STOP THE EDL-demonstration, more info will come soon!

Stockholm Pride Parad
Start 1PM in Humlegården.
Anarchopride does not arrange PinkBlackBlock this year.
You know who you hate. Be creative!

After-party outside!

Anarchopride is a critical, norm-vandalizing, and visionary network
consisting of persons with their own thoughts, positions and power, but
with a common will to make the society a more livable place. We combine
anarchistic practices with queer feminist theory in our actions to smash
the white hetero patriarchy.

Anarchopride started as an alternative festival to the commercial Pride
festival in Stockholm. We wanted a queer political space, a queer movement
that had not forgot its history with state violence against queer bodies
and subjects. A movement that remembers Stonewall and Compton Cafeteria.
We saw the Stockholm Pride turning into a commercial party; welcoming
police, security guards, the military, the migration board, political
parties and lots of companies eager to pink-wash themselves. We needed and
still need something else. In addition to the yearly festival,
Anarchopride also do queer anarchist politics all year round through
talks, actions, demonstrations, blockades and other things.

anarcho/queerfeminist visions for no border struggles

Queer is a ter­ritory of tension, defined against the domi­nant narrative of white-hetero-monogamous-patriarchy, but also by an affinity with all who are marginalized, otherized and oppressed. Queer is the abnormal, the strange, the dan­gerous. Queer involves our sexuality and our gender, but so much more. (…)  Queer is a total rejection of the regime of the Normal. (…) In the discourse of queer, we are talking about a space of struggle against this totality – against normalcy. By “queer”, we mean “social war”. And when we speak of queer as a conflict with all domination, we mean it. (towards the queerest insurrection)

If we are to fight borders, we need to see all borders that constantly exclude us, threaten us, give explicit violent consequences because of ethnicity, race, gender, sex/uality, class, ableness, age etc. And the borders are everywhere; national borders aren’t just physical walls or lines drawn around geographical areas; they become explicit for the ones not considered to belong – not only at actual borders but through a system where you need papers to be allowed to exist.

The law is not only about legal status but about what is accepted and expected – the everyday prisonwalls of normality. Normality as in the illusion of only two biological and juridical sexes. Prison walls of racist normality in the form of nation-states and national identities made up for exclusion and domination, with borders protected by mobile radars, thermal cameras, infra-red cameras, mobile CO2 detectors and heart beat detectors. For the one without the right papers, fingerprints, nationality, DNA, bodies, the borders are there – in its very violent, controlling and deadly shapes.


Non-cismale[1] and queer bodies are constantly excluded from spaces, bashed, regulated, disciplined through various oppression in various contexts, everyday. Sexism, homo- and transphobia create borders between bodies, persons and groups with highly violent consequences. This often in the name of the nation state – there is a neat history of police bashing, imprisoning, putting queers in concentration camps or forced mental care but also a present reality of e.g. forced sterilization of transpersons, forced “gender normalization” through surgeries on intersex babies and pathologization of transsexuals.


We will use sweden as an example to emphasise how the state keeps on carving bloody boundaries between fictional genders and fictional states. Trans struggles and migration struggles deals everyday with the hard walls of the national state. The boundaries of the state’s two-gender system sterilize, regulate and disciplines trans bodies. The boundaries of the nation borders withhold certain bodies access to certain places/spaces. If you want to change your juridical gender, you have to apply for gender asylum at Rättsliga Rådet. With force getting sterilized and get your personality changed by investigators to prove that you follow the norms and rules of the two-gender system and not threatening it. If you want to move, cross national borders, exist in other places you have to ask for permission; apply for asylum, call yourself a refugee or proove to be useful; to have a job or choose and support the normative familyproject – to get married or have a partner. Undress, getting robbed, bullied, questioned, seen with suspicion upon and be further traumatized by investigators.  Don’t let the state decide over our bodies!

Racism keeps coding persons migrating as cispersons and heterosexual, while the queer subject is often understood as white. The asylum system builds on heteronormative ideas of what families are and keeps on fucking with queer asylum seekers – this is consequences of having borders [2]. The swedish migration board are proud to show off their “LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) competence” through their material  ‘Beyond borders’- without realizing that they constitute the border. But we don’t want nice documents with pretty words on LGBT, we want to abolish the asylum system and have freedom of movement for all.


We witness how western national states build on ideals of white middle class heterosexual nuclear families where subjects that don’t fit within these frames can exist only if assimilated. If you are one of the few that gets papers, who get juridically accepted, you are expected to assimilate to “culture and values of the state” and be controlled with language tests and forced into introduction programmes. Not for you to learn but to un-learn. And if you don’t have papers, it is very clear how the state are trying to make it impossible to be seen as a subject and therefore make sure you are lacking fundamental rights, such as rights to care, school, housing etc. As a gender outlaw wanting a transition, you need to fit into the psychiatric diagnosis of transsexuality and assimilate to the fascist biologist notions of gender that psychiatrists and doctors demand. Your queer desires can be acceptable if they come in form of monogamous homorelationships, framed by middle class jobs and respectability.

Nation states even use their LGBT-”friendly” laws to construct their image as liberal democracies so we can view muslim states as homophobic and thereby non-democratic. Even Jimmie Åkesson, the spokesperson of the racist party Sverigedemokraterna, claimed to be LGBT-friendly. In the same way, the Pride Parade is filled with companies, institutions and political parties that are occupied with pink washing and all wants to compete in being friends with the happy gays for a day, to sell more products or get more votes. Here, the swedish migration board march happily along, while at the same time denying queer refugees asylum. Here, the swedish police march, waiving their little flags, while at the same time deporting queer refugees. “Pride” for us is about being proud of something that the state has not approved of – and as long as the state continue persecute minorities (which is by definition part of being a state) it can never be what we rely on. Queer struggles have to be sanctuaries from the state and government’s attempts to control us. The state will never give us what we want, it just might recognize what we have when we already have taken it. Remember queer riots as Stonewall Inn, Compton Cafeteria and the AB 101 Veto Riot!

The nation state only want to hold hands with assimilated happy gays, while the rests of us are left out and excluded from fully being considered as citizens. But hey, we don’t want your citizenship, we don’t want to adapt to your sick normalcy – we want to tear your nation state and its demands apart.


We see that queer anarchism is the way to organize resistance and fight back. We don’t see laws dictated by national states as ethic and justified in any way. We wants to fuck with all kinds of normality. Even though the control and the normality try to tell us it is impossible. We are still moving – we are still breaking borders. People are running, hiding, crossing the borders, destroying fingerprints. People are refusing the boxes of identity such as sex or nationality.


We demand self-definition. Everyone should be able to define in which bodies and in which spaces and places one wants to be and live. We won’t settle with being sexed by the state and when refusing that, being diagnosed as sick. We won’t settle with asylum systems (that claim themselves to be “generous”). We won’t settle with how the state’s sanctioned violence is used against us; through law, at borders, at detention centers, in medical institutions, in the streets.

Border police don’t ask. Border police shoot. Border police kill people crossing national borders and gender borders. The police are interested to keep the borders, not the people alive. Bullets and borders love each other – we will pulverize both.

Let the no border movement be here to destroy what has been recognized as normal. Attack the borders – make them impossible to find. The summer 2012 it is time for the No Border camp in stockholm. Fill it with crimes – destroy the map – make the police loose their way and their mind. Make it unrecognizable: stockholm, the world, the wall, the sight in front of your eyes.

[1] As a cisperson, you identify with the juridical gender you were given at birth and/or with your biological gender.
[2] This is clearly illustrated in the report  ‘Fleeing homophobia’ from 2011:
–  National authorities rely on stereotypes when examining queer applications, these stereotypes can e.g. exclude bi/polysexual persons, dykes with a femme-isch expression, or queer persons that have been married or have children
–  If queer persons have been subjected to persecution by non-state actors  they are told they get internal protection from national authorities –  even if these are known to be homophobic or transfobic
–  On a regular basis, queer asylum seekers are returned to their “country  of origin” because they purportedly can prevent persecution by concealing their identity. Asylum applicants are regularly deported to countries where they have a well-founded fear of being imprisoned or  sentenced to death for queer sexual practices. A further example is that serious human rights violations against trans people, occurring on a  large scale in many parts of the world, often do not lead to asylum.
–  In many European states, medical, psychiatric or psychological  investigations are used to diminish if the applicant “really are” queer –  sexuality and gender identity can never be a matter of medicine,
psychiatry or psychology, but are always a matter of self identification.
–  If sexuality or gender identity is disclosed late in the asylum  process, this is often used against the asylum seeker and met by caution  and disbelief from authorities
–  Queer migrants are frequently confronted with homophobic and  transphobic behaviour by reception, asylum authorities and in detention  centers. This range from discrimination, to abuse and violence.


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